For more tha n 100 years, Bridon has been committed to manufacturing excellence, leading the field in engineered superior rope solutions, offering unrivalled products developed specifically to minimize operating costs and maximize productivity as well as serving the most demanding Oil & Gas applications. Bridon performs rigorous checks during manufacture to ensure premium quality ropes.

dyform-drilling-lines-gpDyform – Drilling Line
Bridon offers a wide range of Offshore Exploration Drilling Rigs ropes like: Drilling Lines, Marine Riser Tensioner Lines, Fibre MODU Tethers and Anchor Lines. TheDyform of the Drilling Lines family is a rope constructed in a way that reduces sheave wear and point loading which combined with the superior dynamic structural stability provided by the Bristar core delivers exceptional performance and sets the standard for drilling applications. Benefits:·

  • Superior abrasion & wear resistance·
  • Crush resistant
  • Corrosion protected IWRC
  • Even load distribution
  • Reduced internal friction
  • Increased bend fatigue
  • Improved torsional stability
  • Enhanced strength to diameter ratio
  • Improved diameter tolerance
  • Up to 60% more service life


offshore-crane-ropes-auxiliary-sf-grphDyform 34LR – Auxiliary
The Offshore Cranes range includes Main Hoists (single and multi-fall) Whipline, Boom Hoist, Boom Pendants and Auxiliary (single and multi-fall).  The Dyform 34LR multi-strand ropes are recommended for high lifting operations. Exceptional ‘low rotational’ properties and a high steel fill factor provides high strength, crush resistance, improved fatigue performance and low stretch. Benefits:·

  • Low rotation engineered rope
  • High strength
  • Reduced rope sheave wear
  • Accurate diameter for multi-layer coiling
  • Long service life, reduced down time
  • Crush resistant
  • Ideal for single-part & multi-part reeving
offshore-winches-hyra-plus-grphHydra Plus – Winch Line
Bridon also provides a range for Offshore Winches, precisely the Winch Lines and Single Layer Traction Winches. The Winch Lines include The Hydra Plus winch lines shown offer the next generation of precision and engineered multi-strand ropes designed to deliver exceptionally low rotation performance and for all types of winches and single fall cranes. The Hydra Plus offers the higheststrength to diameter ratio within the Hydra range.Premium quality low-rotation, multi-strand ropes for demanding Oil & Gas applications, Bridon the benchmark for reliability. Benefits:·

  • Maximum strength to diameter ratio
  • Tailored lubrication
  • Low rotation
  • Reduced elongation
  • Superior crush resistance
  • Long service life


oilgas-well-servicing-sand-line-grphSand Line – Well Servicing
Bridon’s range also includes well servicing ropes used in the Oil & Gas field. The range includes Sand Lines and Tubing Lines.As with all the ropes manufactured at Bridon, the Sand Line shown undergoes load tests that give ultimate assurance that specifications have been met or exceeded. Benefits:·

  • Wear resistant – large outer wires
  • Excellent spooling
  • Resistance to kinking
  • Easy to splice



offshore-exploration-drilling-rigs-marine-rtl-grphMarine Riser Tensioner Lines
The constant cycling of marine riser tensioner lines over sheaves demands that ropes that are flexible and highly-resistant to bend fatigue.Bridon’s Steel core marine riser tensioner lines are robust and offer excellent abrasion and fatigue resistance.A proprietary blocking and lubrication medium provides corrosion resistance with the additional protection of a drawn galvanised finish. Benefits:·

  • High quality six strand flexible
  • Good bend fatigue performance
  • Fully lubricated
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Consistent performance
  • Premium quality